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About us

We are DET Community: a Bristol based organisation, focused on championing community cohesion.

Our Mission

DET'S Mission

We are the everyday investor into Bristol. 

Committed to providing an expansive platform for local business and initiatives  to connect with the community.

We seek to create opportunities that build bridges for better community cohesion everyday. 

DET Community works hard to improve, support and encourage community cohesion, making for a safer and fairer environment with better opportunities for the underrepresented neighbourhoods within Bristol.

We continue to invest and strengthen existing assets by promoting job opportunities (particularly in organisations lacking in diversity) and promote BME businesses and services, which builds values, strength and opportunities.

Our Vision

We see the gap!


We build bridges between postcodes and generations, as well as overcoming cultural and disability barriers.

We strive to engage the community in positive activities to bring all together in unity.



  • Tackle social problems, promote community cohesion and encourage Bristol to celebrate diversity within their communities through holding various educational events that promote social cohesion and community engagement.

  • Bring businesses and people together for a more connected community

  • Encourage intergenerational engagement

  • Reduce crime and build relationships between the community and service

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